Difi for life

Our brand represents our history. A proud history of innovative and visionary motor fashion. DIFI is one of the leading companies in design­ing and producing motor fashion. We choose the best leather and textile materials for our wide range of products, and we offer more than thirty different sizes to achieve the optimal fit. High-quality materials, practical details, the highest safety level, and perfect fit are the foundations of our brand. We offer functionality with a great price-quality ratio.

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Difi Sport

DIFI Sports equipment: for reaching the limit. Technically advanced racing suits with high-end, CE-approved protectors and double leather to deliver the ultimate in racing performance. Combine with DIFI gloves and racing boots to reach pole position. DIFI Sports equipment: for the best racing experience and excellent quality at a competitive price.

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Difi Tour

From modern design and classic leather jackets to technical, advan­ced and comfortable clothing with a breathable membrane: the DIFI Touring collection has every­thing you need. High quality materials, practical details and a perfect fit are the foundation for the DIFI Touring collection in all weather conditions. Nevertheless, you can always count on an excellent price-quality ratio.

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Difi Urban

Live the life you want with the DIFI urban clothing. Love your freedom. See things differently. The DIFI urban motor fashion delivers high-protective progressive looks and timeless design for the urban life. DIFI urban clothing is perfect for everyday life- on and off your bike. Enjoy your life the way you want it.

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Difi Lady

DIFI offers a clothing range specially made by women, for women. This means that the garments in the range are not just men’s clothes in women’s sizes - they were specially designed for the female form and excel in terms of both functionality and fit. So, whether you want to ride pillion on a beautiful sunny day, or prefer to take the controls yourself whatever the weather, look no further.